We have a wide range of classes that will keep you busy from Monday to Saturday, including our most popular classes boxing and muay thai. But why not also implement some strength and conditioning alongside your jiu-jitsu and up your explosiveness and stamina? We’ve got yoga every day, too, so don’t forget to stretch out those muscles and stay nimble and flexible and avoid injury.  


We have two boxing classes: Boxing Basics Boxing Sparring. Boxing Basics is most suitable for beginners, while Boxing Sparring is geared more towards intermediate and advanced students. Our boxing classes provide a tough but fun workout. We incorporate a mixture of bag work, pad work, partner drills as well as live sparring in our classes.


Muay Thai is a striking style that combines punches, kicks, elbows and knees as well as clinching and sweeps. In our classes you’ll practice and refine these techniques through pad work, bag work, partner drills and in live sparring. You’ll receive one-on-one attention with a professional fighter during your daily Muay Thai “Padwork” classes. We also have sparring classes everyday, so you can put your skills to the test.


Brazilian jiu-jitsu teaches ground-based techniques for controlling and submitting opponents via joint-locks or chokes. Our classes comprise of a warm-up, technique demonstrations, drilling, and live sparring. We have three qualified black belts in our coaching staff, and you can rent a gi from our front desk for IDR 50,000.


We have three Kids BJJ classes a week. Our kids classes are designed to provide a great workout while also teaching vital self defense skills. We believe that all children should know how to defend themselves in altercations, and conduct themselves in a group setting. The class is perfect for burning off excess energy, but most importantly, it instils confidence, discipline, and the importance of respect and teamwork. In that sense, Kids BJJ is more than an after school activity: it’s a class that teaches valuable life skills.


No-Gi jiu jitsu is simply BJJ but without – you guessed it – the gi! No Gi tends to be more fast-paced than jiu jitsu with the kimono. Our No Gi classes follow a similar format to our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes.


Our strength and conditioning classes will help you improve your all-around athletic performance. We tend to split our program with strength on one day and conditioning on the other. On strength days you’ll learn how to execute Olympic lifts and other and functional strength-building exercises. On conditioning-based days the instructor will run you through various circuits that work your anaerobic system.




On Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, our yoga classes are Hatha-based. Hatha yoga emphasizes physical exercises to master the body along with meditation and breathing. Tuesdays and Thursdays classes are restorative classes, which moves at a much more gentle and relaxed pace.



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