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Boxing is...

Our boxing program comprises of Boxing Basics and Boxing Sparring classes. Boxing Basics is geared to beginners and features a mixture of footwork drills, bag work, padwork, partner drills. Boxing Sparring is suited to intermediate and advanced students and features a mixture of partner and bag drills and 3 to 8 rounds of live sparring.

Finding Your Own Strength

Boxing is freedom and possibilities. It doesn't matter what you look like or what you did yesterday. The only important thing is right now. Put your gloves on, forget everything and start training. Everyone is different. Learn to know yourself. Are you quick, tough or strong? Find your own strength and work on your skills. Improve your technique, repeat your drills and sequences. Create your style and fight for it, because in the end, only the best will remain on their feet.

A Fight To Become Yourself

Don't flinch. Don't doubt. Look your opponent in the eyes and take the only path to greatness: straight forward. Boxing isn't just a sport. It's not a game. It's a daily struggle. When you get into the ring, you bet your life and face yourself. Your fears. Your failures. Your weaknesses. Nothing matters but one thing: your dreams. Your goal. Boxing is your chance to achieve something bigger than yourself. To overcome your demons, an opportunity to improve and turn into the best version of you.

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